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this journal seems kinda pointless. i'm kinda rerouting everything to the myspace account, including blog entries. i feel like i've come along in an amazing way on here, describing everything has not only saved it in cybersapce if there ever was a fire or something, but it gave me a way to vent my frustrations and victories to get it out of my system. live journal always gave me a clear head. writing is a godsend in that way. i read every comment and appreciated every single one, even the ones from douche bags, sometimes there was no one but my lj subscribers, like that one christmas, and i'll never forget it. thanks guys.

now go to fucking myspace.

thanks alan.

ps. come see me in jersey tomorrow night. i swear i'm not really this emo.


I hate mass mails. John and I agree that in the age of myspace it's become antiquated. we're trying to figure you the best way to inform you of our ongoings. I've yet to figure out how to send out a message to all of my myspace friends (soon to be 30,000 people!!!) our mailing list is around 6 or 7 thousand so i'm putting this in my blogs as well. we're still indie with no publicist so it's still up to you, the fans, to help us get the word out. this can be done around water coolers, kiddie pools, buckets of water. anything with water in it really. it also helps if you get on the mailing list while we figure out how to master myspace.

so what's there to talk about?

well we're having a sale at the new mcchris store which features a new way to for you to show your mc spirit. kids ahve been sending in pics of themselves wearing our clothes. everyone looks awesome and i hope the pics keep coming. there are new items on the block, cheap stuff like patches, stickers and pins. there's also our first dvd offering. the pax dvd not only features a hilarious doc on a bad ass video game olympics but a full mcchris concert in front of 2000 people. come check out the store at we're trying to stay afloat in the wake of tax times, so as always your support is a godsend and every little bit helps.

we had a great time at the jake and jackie show and premiered a new demo, party without me. contrary to recent bloggings everyone's been really supportive and awesome towards the new stuff we've released so far. this is another kind of support we love. support can also come in the form of a freshly baked pie or a noncommital make out session. john and i are about half way through with dungeon master of ceremonies. we plan to release it at the end of the summer. we will then tour pretty much all fall. and we'll go everywhere. so be sure to shout out your city or support your upcoming show at the message boards at

to keep the pump primed we'll be doing shows on the weekends. we've already got a bunch lined up:

4/22 at school of rock south hackensack, nj

5/12 at avalon in nyc opening for msi

5/13 ohio state opening for j5

5/19 the underground in connecticut with the prozacs

5/27 the house cafe dekalb, il

6/2 the nanci raygun in richmond, va

6/10 harper's ferry in boston

new dates are coming in. there's a good chance we'll be hittin Michigan and Pennsylvania after that. please come to the school of rock this saturday in south hackensack, new jersey. it's been a long while since i've done a show the fans could come see. i hope you all try to come and bring your friends and have them bring their friends, you could even bring relatives, you know your aunt wants to hang. we'll be premiering new shit, i guess that's the main reason to see me this spring. wanna hear the record come see me live.

so i think that's it. we've got a bunch of stuff cookin and we can't wait for you to hear it, but the realse date will happen soon enough. as always we thank you for your coolness. keep playing the jams, pushing the chris, we need you guys more than ever. peace. mc

saved by the buoyancy of citrus

a perfect day in new york. the weather seems rational for once. i walked the bridge into the city. it's spits me right into the lower east side. i go north into the east village and the video game store and the comic book store across the street. there was only a new batman 100 and i don't know how that one begins. like most people say these days i'll wait for the trades. i feel guilty going into the stmarks shop because i'm a loyal forbidden planet customer, but no one's ever in there and it's so roomy. you can take your time and cool off. forbidden planet feels like a trading floor on wall street. east village is kiddie corner to union square so i hand in my pull list, i had been putting it off. all civil war tie ins, wolverine, avengers, young avengers, excallibur. i'd given thing and iron man a chance but they sugged. the new wolverine's sound good, revenge time, old costume. i flipped through the bucky plotline, the art looked bad. bad comic book art is as infuriating as radio static cutting into a good song. I went down to virgin and got the new womb raider, the reviews are through the roof, i was gonna get a 360 for it, but maybe we should wait. find out if i'm cool or not. stepped into footlocker, the square was flooded with new yorkers, seeming desperate and confused. a british woman next to me prattled off like a crazy woman about shoes, like she could get them to go into the vault where they hide her size. they laced me up into some new balances, and my feet nestled in like it was sunday morning. i love my new shoes. there's a pocket of air on the heel that says abzorb. rock.

i've been knee deep in kingdom hearts. it started out as dry and boring as warm seltzer. it somehow morphed into heroin. i couldn't put it down and started sleeping weird. i loved the details, the ways that everything changes with each world. the costumes, the meters, the combos. i was playing tron last night. light bikin. i'm stuck on my second bout with the guitar player. and i have a new womb raider game. what to do.

i had a horrible headache yesterday, from practicing with my headphones on blast (yes i'm working on a album as well.) took some tylenol and hacknslashed my way through the disney universe. got a burger and some fries from the diner next door. the fries are dangerously perfect, makes me wonder if any of this is real.
today i feel much much better. saw a movie in the afternoon. brick. it was quite great. the popcorn was perfect. they had perrier! i had a straight razor shave at the sicilian's right before the movie. perfect day.

i guess i should mention i was on the radio and had a great time. someone asked me how it felt to be on the wagon and it felt great to respond with a beam of light. my last radio show was desperate cry for help, this one i felt like a crowing rooster. which is kind of annoying in its own way, but it felt good and they seemed really happy with it. they kept saying i'm perfect for their audience. we premiered a song. the rapper on hold said he could relate and everything felt cool. the message board put in their two cents. it was third generation mp3 hosted on some kid's site, they nitpicked the mixing, the vocoder. some liked it. i don't think i'll release any more material though. it's too discouraging. you go to your message board on your site to be cheered on, not to get notes, but they've got their opinions and i've given them a place to to get it out. i don't think i wanna turn back on what i've set up. not now anyhow. to be honest, i do feel like a dog or a plant that needs a little love and sunlight. and while we're at it, the song's nowhere near done, the vocoder is just hiding my voice which is nontonal and just a scratch that will be filled in by a singer of some sort down the road. regardless, the fans are a picky lot. i actually think i'm deathly afraid of them and their take on me. but we march on. what's weird no one ever talks about the content of the lyrics. someone said it wasn't underground or nerdy or enough. don't really know how to respond.

tonight there are three parties, well one's a show. it's all in brooklyn. i'm zigzagging back and forth, reminds me of tour. tomorrow i'm videogaming, there better be a sopranos. and someone better die. cuz it's easter.

whatchoo know about dat

it's spring. i feel like i've been a coma like tony soprano or sora (there's a rhyme for ya.) i should be walking all over the unvierse but the blisters are bad, i think i just need better shoes. there are actually blisters, little ones, inside of old ones. so i've been "virtually" walking through kingdom hearts two. i didn't play the first one so i'm really lost and the beginning was really boring. once i learned what to do during all the breaks in gameplay i came to like it. i had played timsplitters for a while before that and far cry before that, a little call of duty. i liked the cartoonishness of timesplitters and the game play was smooth, but too much of it took place in the future. I'm all about old mansions. that's why the beginning of hearts seemed so weird to me. you go to a mansion but it's not haunted i'm like is this really a disney game. everyone says i should've played the first one, but i like to know what everyone's talking about right now this second, not often, but sometimes. and it's not like there's not enough time to play two games.

my improv group agreed upon the name lazerwolfe, our first show is next week which is exciting. i decided the group was gonna be enough for now, and that maybe i would audition for harold teams later in the year. roo and i did a cancer benefit at my old alma mater at coles. it was imrpov with microphones, in a big school festival situation, a lock in, no one's paying attention but they are. death by roo roo is known for their caustic (abortion aids) style of improv, so immediately we're doing scenes about masturbation and pornography. they run to the stage and ask us to tone it down. we do, kinda. it was a nice f u to a college i never really liked, the kids that really watched us, that sat around the stage had a good time and gave us a kind but not huge helping of applause before we left. rooroo's message, we're not good for this sort of thing. a few ran up to me for pics after we were done and one or two recognized me before hand. as much as i dislike my ol school i still hope there are some mc fans in hayden and rubin.

tonight is jack and jackie. i'll be announcing all kinds of cool stuff, promoting shows, playing stuff from the new album, hopefully giving away some stuff. new music for sure. it's not streamed so out of state kids have to wait for podcast. i am curious to see how fast the song gets on the internet. it'll prolly sound totally different when we release it at the end of summer. but like i said to john, our songs are like action figures, our fans like to collect multiple versions. so anywho listen to my shit tonight 92.3 fm 11-3.

and organization 13 is a total death eater rip off.


we're reworking the store at and we plan on using fan submitted photos to display the shirts. we need 6 fan pictures for each of these shirts:

revenge of the nerd tour t-shirt
robot dog t-shirt
mcchrisownz t-shirt
mcchrisownz hoodie
i <3 mc tank top
mcchris 3D hassle logo shirt
my back pack's got jets t-shirt
hijack the mic t-shirt
white toon mc t-shirt
black toon mc hoodie

PLEASE send pictures of yourself wearing these shirts to or and we might use them on the site! thanks!


the window's down and the ice cream truck is singing it's psycho song. it says sixty seven degrees on the thermostat. it's really unbelievable as it's been the longest winter i can remember. the last one was ten years before. crossed the country listening to the rentals. it was the horrible blizzard of 96, a friend of mine had hung himself, what a blue time. looking down from my train window on the glassy appalachian creeks bordered with snow. i hear the rentals are coming back. i saw matt sharp do a solo show at the earl in atlanta (best fries in town.) i guess today is the opposite of ten years ago. i was still so in love with where i grew up, i was still in love with the romance of trains, of life in general. the twenties made me so rough around the edges. all this reality tv. it seems poetry fights an uphill battle these days.

so it's warm, warm enough to cross the bridge which i've done three times and plan to do every chance i get. it's really a great new way to see the city. i try to go when the sunset hits the skyscraper windows and everything's all easter colored and kinda golden. it'a little tense, my body's like, hey what the fuck are you doing, get in a cab and go home and play farcry all day. little muscles, long dormant, are waking up in the form of jabbing pains. i reminded of this comic i read in college where the roommate goes and works out and is so psyched about it and then the next day can't get out of bed moaning. and there are blisters that turn into thumbtacks with every step, but the great new thing about life, about every obstacle thrown at me, something inside me knows it's not a big deal. after tour it's really like nothing can stop me. not even blisters and cramps. cut to me playing farcry.

last night was the adult swim party, an upfront to be exact, where they try to get sell ad space for the new season. they showed previews of all the new fall shows. i don't really want to be a shill so i'll keep it brief (not quite) but there was a bunch of hilarious stuff, some of it with really great art. i've always been a fan a good looking cartoon. new stuff from all the homemovies people, two shows really, both look awesome. a really amazing looking show about the modern day south by the adult swim design team. the guy that makes all the dvd covers and ad art is taking a crack at a show, it looked like foster's on acid, or faulkner, everything was on fire and i think i saw a horse say merte. the biggest laugh came from a show called assy mcghee from the makers of perfect hair. they announced all the shows coming back. and then showed the open of the movie (the word now is fall, in theaters, not straight to dvd.) now was any of that shilling?

it was great to see old coworkers. i wish they had all been there. i really loved the williams street people. they were and are so great to me, and i never have any idea why. the bar was crazy annoying, ten lines, ten people deep, i ran outside and stuffed some sodas in my pockets. got to see brak and master shake or their voices more specifically. it was great to see andy, we talked about skywalker ranch, he got there just days before me. i pitched him my brak idea and he said he'd do it if i could get it approved, which might be the most unlikely thing in the world. His wife had cute little pregnant belly. i asked him if it was scientology and he said the baby was mine. Dana was working on a cartoon of his own that sounded like an epic battle between hitler and santa claus. Keith told me a horrible story of tim from tom goes to the mayor getting stabbed.

read about it here:

matt harrigan (perfect hair) had a meeting earlier that week with my pals john and curtis. it's a perfect match. their series of shorts is getting them all kinds of attention. ( media section.) we just did a theme song for it playing on fuse. my only fear is that i won't get to enlist them to work on my show if they're making something of their own, at the same time, it would kick ass if they got on, because they are perfect for that audience. and they're actually smart and funny. things like this rarely work out and you try to not get excited about anything. but dreaming out of proportion is why we got into this business prolly. harrigan said they spoke highly of me, which is cool when you hear your friends like you. it's just always nice. i'm playing with them tonight. so that's gonna be fun. i think jackie and victor will be there and they always crack me up and they're so cool to me too. jackie asked me to be on radio show jack and jackie on 92.3 and victor (in this week's time out) asked me to a do a song with prince paul for a movie he's making, and dude was in end of days. that's schwarznegger. ucb 26th and 8th 11pm nyc. be there yo!

right before leaving i ran into mike lazzo, the head honcho of adult swim. he just asked me when i'd be back in the atl and when the music was gonna be done. when it was, rest assured he was gonna pimp it. that's such a huge deal. you want to bear hug people when they say stuff like that but the trick is to act like it's no biggie smalls, whereas in reality it'll prolly pay my rent for a while. It was great to see everybody, i really miss it down there. although now it's all changed, all the offices refurbished. life is making sure i never go home again no matter what.

i left the party with my grab bag, a brown polo shirt i'm wearing now, pink socks which i gave to john to give to his girlfriend and a dangerdoom cd. the bag i think i will use for bathroom stuff on tour.

so it's nice out. i'm gonna walk the bridge and go have dinner with my old boss and his family, i think i'm taking them to chat'nchew but i dunno cuz it's faux south. then i'll improvise, drink some soda, flirt with some girls, take the train home, get freaked out by shining, play farcry and then hit the sack. tomorrow night it's a punk show i've been looking forward to for a long time. it's the first time i'll get to see dirt bike adam's new band the impulse ( can't wait. that's at desmond's in nyc.

well that's enough for now. we've got new tour dates (i get the feeling people only check my journal and my myspace) on the homepage and more details to follow on the message board in the mc live section. a new store is opening and we need pics of you in our shirts there should be a thread about that popping up shortly as well. that's the four eleven. holler at a homeboy.
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charlie brown gets a valentine

i'm watching superman 2 after another great sopranos. i had a feeling christopher might take another stab at hollywood. i don't enjoy this kind of storyline as much as the others because it's self reflective. and east coast dissing west coast is trite. all i care about is the family. i think the generals will get a real chance to shine this season as tony recoups. i think that might be the first time we've seen sil's home, and he's got asthma. having regular shows like this and lost are really making my life sweet. i get so involved in their lives, i forget my own. just like everyone else. don't go into the light tony, they can't end it this way, i was so wrapped up in it, even though there's no way in hell they would ever kill tony off with 17 episodes to go. still, i wondered if they might, worried really, like a little kid desperately wanting the lone ranger not to die.

there's so much to write about. monday's show was a lot of fun, david cross was really cool. i didn't really wanna bug him before the show, afterwards he told me i did a great job and took a picture with me. the audience and the show was awesome and it felt great. i felt like i was at the theater every day this week. tuseday night i watched improv. fell in love again. i won't get too specific because more people read this than i or they would care to admit it. i've been approving people on my myspace, who i see in real life, and maybe we don't talk in real life, but i know they went and looked me up, they heard about me. and some friends have let me know about a general sense of inquiry. last night was a party where i was asked, so you're back now? a million times. i said to my pal tonight i really don't think i'll feel like a part of this place unless i get on a team, so i think i'm gonna audition. whether or not i get on i wonder if it will work, or if maybe i'm supposed to always feel this stranger in strangeland vibe. how can i write about isolation if i'm not isolated?

wednesday night i had class which felt good and was fun. there are slight pangs of am i wasting my time? but i've been writing and practicing new songs every day pretty dilligently. friday night i performed and went out afterwards to drink a million club sodas. i was only in the second half, played a ninja in a couple scenes, played john fogherty (he crashed a little girl's birthday party, shit on the kitchen floor, stole all her cookies and called her a fat bitch, it wasn't my finest work.) afterwards i had a great time. i've really gotten into the club soda. last night it was a party. i drank perrier wrapped in a brown paper bag like i used to with colt 45's at nyu.

the party was in the basement of gristedes, where the theater's located. it feels like a resident evil sewer, with buzzing lights and leaks everywhere, the smell of sewage. it's packed with indie comedians and hotties, the occasional important person and then a bunch of people pointing at the important person. there's a clot of people blocking the people flow by the keg. the hallways are dark. it's claustrophobic. or i am. i felt stupid. saw the girl a few times, surrounded by guys, following a friend down a hallway. most of the night was spent talking to todd hanson, who told a great story about going to see phantom menace opening night. he was dressed as qui-gon. my jacket starts star wars conversations. i have to take this into account. i love my jacket, but do i really want to talk about star wars all the time? when i go to a party? then again, as todd told his story i thought to myself, how cool is this, the senior editor of the onion is bending my ear about star wars. i do love star wars, the way it keeps coming back up makes think i should examine why it means so much to so many. other times i'm just like good grief.

there were all kinds of hoochie mamas all over the place, but mainly it was sockhop land, guys with guys, girls with girls. maybe there's one guy surrounded chicks and you're like how the hell did he do that? i'm still really awkward at parties, no one knows who i am, and when i explain it it becomes the focus of the conversation. the few friends i have are far more interesting because they actually tell stories. who wants to say their resume all night? i like to talk about myself, don't get me wrong, but lately i would kill for a good, succinct story about fucking anything.

right towards the end i stared at the dance floor for a second, next to jawnee who sat watching with his winter coat hood up. i wanted to join everybody but i couldn't spot any friends. i wanted desperately to get up there. in atlanta we'd go dancing pretty regularly, it got rid of the stress. last night i opted to walk out without making the goodbye lap. i saw her right again before i started heading south to 14th street. she was like a fire. i've yet to speak to her once. maybe it's something to look forward to. i get real nervous when i feel anything about anybody. that's when i wonder if souls flicker if they're meant to intersect. that's what going on when i can't look at someone. like a shy flirty toddler i hide my face in my hands or look down. with this new one i can't even be in the same room. weird. i think every girl i'm intersested in right now is wrapped in unavailability and fantasy. if anyone's keeping score. it's ok for now, i look forward to the days when i don't walk home alone. waiting for that late night train is tough.

ps. we're going to be relaunching the store and announcing tour dates this week so stay tuned. we'll be playing a lot of weekend dates to get ready for the main tour in the fall.
these new shows should be fun because that's when i'll be testing new material. you never know what you're gonna hear. and i wanna keep ya guessing.

now go watch this immediately. i just want the gold.

i may have told this one before

i think south by southwest is winding down right about now, maybe there more show, i dunno. i can't help but think about how warm it is there right now, the cold came back to the river for hopefully one last dance. a big wig from AS texted me to let me know he was wearing his black as popcorn shirt at the madvillian party. john got to go see and meet lady sovereign, hopefully he slipped a cd in her baggy trousers. she's rappin the same party i did last year, or at least it's thrown by the same girl. it woulda been cool to meet her, we got offered a gig with ratatat and big daddy kane, but i turned it down because festivals have a way of getting the bad word out rather than the good. then i got into ratatat and was like john have you heard of this awesome band? he's like yeah you turned down a show with them. whoops. instead i spent the weekend eating french toast crunch. they shape each piece like a little piece of french toast with a little crust and everything. and it tastes like french toast covered in powdered sugar and syrup. makes me think of the chapter in fast food nation where they create any taste imaginable. i got a puzzle postcard from italy which i put together at a diner a block from my apartment. i never went to it before because i assumed it was shi shi and lame as many things in williamsburg are, but it's empty during the day and they serve shoe string fries. my fav. the letter reminded of me in high school, wrote this one pretty girl from germany a letter and ripped it up into a million pieces, gave each piece to a different friend of her's. pieces would get delivered to her all day. she had a boyfriend. later on i would get body slammed in the hallway by a brick head late to class. i was knocked out flat in front of the french class. they we're all looking down on me, she was right above me with a flourescent light behind her, illuminating her head like the virgin mary. it was one helluva way to come to. today i have my graduation class for my level three class. tomorrow is my show with david cross. (that's where i'll get my indie fix.) and then it's the album again. i really should just relax. once this thing is done i'm gonna be on the auction block non stop, there'll be no time to chill. so i should figure out a way to make all this nothing have a calming effect. i thinking i'm jonesin for structure, i look at help wanted signs like they're an option. but they're not. i've got a job and i'm the boss. and i'm still daydreaming out the window. go figure.